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Why Coached by Kathryn?

Online training is something very new to a lot of people and there are loads of options out there now as well, social media filled with exercise videos and every other influencer selling their training methods. So why choose us? Why Coached by Kathryn?

Whether it’s online training for you to follow or in person training, you will get continuous support with myself Kathryn, not just an automated response. Advice on adaptions, diet alterations and video tutorials to follow. There’s so much bulls*it out there now in relation to fitness, so choose a name that you trust and that will help you not only hit your goals but help improve your knowledge as well.

My passion is to help you to reach your goals, to feel happy and confident in your bodies and to improve mental health to. Fitness isn’t all about aesthetics, you're doing this for you.

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A little about Kathryn

My fitness journey started after a difficult time in my life, when I decided that I wanted to do more and feel better about myself. I started following well known athletes on social media and started getting drawn in to the benefits of a healthier and fitter lifestyle, which then lead me to gain my qualifications and change my passion into a career.

I believe that fitness is not just about physical fitness but mental fitness, exercise is there to be enjoyed. Like everyone else I had to start somewhere, but I soon realised that it was the best decision I ever made. My confidence levels improved, I felt happier and more energetic and at the same time I was improving my fitness and health.

Helping people to achieve similar outcomes and to see others feeling happier and working towards their own goals is the best job satisfaction I could ask for.

Coached by Kathryn - Online PT Sessions